​Human Services Block Grant

Act 80 of 2012 established a Human Services Block Grant Program for the purpose of allocating funds to select county governments to provide locally identified county-based human services to meet the service needs of county residents. This act originally allowed for 20 counties to participate and then Act 55 of 2013 provided for 10 additional counties to participate, bringing the total to 30 counties. Act 153 of 2016 (Act) further amended the Human Services Code removing the cap on the number of counties that may be included in the Block Grant. The Act also removed the Child Welfare Special Grants funding beginning in fiscal year 2017-2018.

The line items within the Block Grant contain a small but significant portion of the total funds allocated to counties for the delivery of human services. The funds within the Block Grant include:

  • Mental Health Community Base Funded Services (MH)
  • Behavioral Health Services Initiative
  • Intellectual Disabilities Community Base Funded Services (ID)
  • Act 152 Drug and Alcohol Services (D&A)
  • Homeless Assistance Program Funding
  • Human Services Development Funds (HSDF)

Other significant sources of funding for county human services programs are not included in the Block Grant. Examples of funding not included in the Block Grant are: Intellectual Disabilities Waiver programs, Behavioral Health HealthChoices Program, Early Intervention Services, and County Child Welfare Needs-Based funded services.

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