Children's Health Insurance Program

Reasons to be Insured

When surveyed, most CHIP parents see positive health results.

  • Overall, nine out of 10 parents report satisfaction with their child's health plan
  • 94 percent of parents report they were able to access urgent care services for their child as soon as necessary
  • 92 percent of parents report they were able to obtain an appointment for their sick child within 24 hours
  • 96 percent received an appointment for check-ups and vaccinations as soon as they wanted
  • 99 percent of parents report their child saw the dentist in the last six months
  • 93 percent are pleased with the time doctors spend with their child
  • 93 percent said they're pleased with the helpfulness of staff
  • 97 percent of parents report their child's doctor treats them with respect
  • 92 percent of parents reported it was easy to get care, tests or treatment for their child

​Children who have health insurance generally have better health throughout their childhood and into their teens. They are more likely to:

  • Receive needed shots that prevent disease
  • Get treatment for recurring illnesses such as ear infections and asthma
  • Access preventive care that keeps them healthy
  • Get sick less frequently
  • Receive the treatment they need when they are sick
  • Maintain better attendance and performance at school

Coverage through CHIP provides your kids with all of these valuable advantages. With CHIP, you can put your children in a better position to thrive and grow into healthy adults.

​Recommended vaccines are covered with CHIP. What's more, 96 percent of CHIP parents report they received an appointment for their child's vaccinations as soon as they wanted.

Vaccinations are some of the most important tools available for preventing disease, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Vaccinations not only protect our children, but also protect the community by reducing the spread of potentially serious diseases.

Most get their necessary shots during childhood. CHIP encourages all parents to view the recommended vaccination schedule to be sure your kids are up to date.

Vaccine-preventable diseases have a severe impact, resulting in doctor's visits, hospitalizations and premature deaths. Read more about preventive pediatric health care (PDF) and/or visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health's website to learn more.

​Children who have health insurance have a better chance of being healthy. Having health insurance will allow you to give them the medical care needed to stay healthy and focus on their studies. Children with health insurance are less likely to miss school because they are sick. By helping them go to school every day ready to learn, you can help boost your child's performance in school today and in the future.

With CHIP, you have a choice of major insurance companies. No matter which CHIP health insurance company you choose, you'll get the same quality service and the same great CHIP benefits.

You'll be able to pick a doctor for your child and see that doctor every time your child gets sick, without having to worry about how you are going to pay for it. Your kids may even be able to keep visiting the same doctors they see today.

Health coverage enables your child to get immunizations and the well-child visits required to attend school and play sports. If your child gets sick, you can get prescription medicines to help them get better quickly.

Finally, you won't have to sit for hours in the emergency room when your child has an illness that could be easily treated in your doctor's office.

CHIP kids receive periodic health screenings, which include health education, nutrition and developmental assessment. CHIP kids also receive hearing tests and newborn hearing screens for early detection of hearing loss which, if left untreated, can lead to communication, speech, and learning deficits.

Children with health care coverage are better prepared to learn in school and better prepared to succeed in life.