Business & Tech Standards

Application Domain

The Application Domain maintains standards and policies concerning the development of applications for the Department of Human Services' (DHS) computing environments. This domain covers the technical development of the traditional mainframe-based and N-tier approaches. All development must follow a Standard Development Methodology (SDM), see the Business Domain for the SDM used within DHS.

The fundamental principles outlined in the Application Domain help ensure that the design employs current coding concepts, uses correct Interface techniques, considers DHS' security concerns, and uses proven documented and repeatable development strategies.

This section consists of standards and policies in the following areas:

Systems Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) Policy (ITP-APP012)

The process of creating or altering information systems, and the models and methodologies that people use to develop these systems. These methodologies form the framework for planning and controlling the creation of an application.

DHS Web Development

Pertains to producing informational web pages on the DHS' Intranet and Internet sites. Web Publishing can be either static or dynamic web pages or web applications.

DHS Mobile Website Development


Proper and thorough application testing procedures are an important part of the software development lifecycle. Different types of testing are performed at different phases of software development, including:

DHS Quality Assurance

Enterprise Object Library

The purpose of the Enterprise Object Library is to store and manage server (non-mainframe) applications developed and maintained by DHS and DHS-contracted staff. For further information or inquires, please contact the QA staff via email at: OIS QA Request.


Stores and manages mainframe applications developed and maintained by DHS state staff and DHS-contracted staff. The goal is to provide a standardized, controlled, and auditable environment in which to store and manage objects of applications in the development and maintenance stages. For further information or inquires, please contact the QA staff via email at: OIS QA Request.



A tool that provides an integrated set of processes in support of software development efforts. It includes various utilities and migration processes that are necessary to propagate software through the development and testing environments. These various utilities and processes within the Workbench are used to compile programs, maintain information about programs, copy procedures and DPS screens, provide version control of programs, migrate programs and copy procedures through the development and testing envrionments, and generate reports.