The ECM platform is the structural foundation for four major DHS subsystems:

High-level overview of each of the four major PA DHS subsystems, text content is outlined below.

Home and Community-Based Services Subsystem (HCBSS)

The HCBSS will serve as th case management system for the PA DHS program offices that support the home and community-based services programs, including Medicaid waivers.

Child Welfare Case Management (CW CM)

The CW CM subsystem will create a single child welfare case management system for all Pennsylvania counties.

Hearings and Appeals

Hearings and Appeals will replace the collection of legacy systems PA DHS uses to manage appeals that fall under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals (BHA). BHA's jurisdiction covers nearly 280 different areas, including the denial of suspension, termination, or reduction of any PA DHS-issued benefit.

Office of Long-Term Living Enrollment Services

Office of Long-Term Living Enrollment Services wil lbe used by an Enrollment Services Entity, PA DHS, and the PA Department of Aging to manage the process to assist individuals in exploring and applying for long-term services and support.