Here you will find advertisements, printable materials, newsletters, and the CHIP logo. Please email all pieces of communication with the CHIP brand that you create and intend to use. Please allow two weeks for review, approval, and edits, if necessary. Keep in mind that the CHIP logo may not be altered in any way.

PLEASE NOTE: Print materials may take some time to load!  

Marketing Materials

Television advertisements are available in 30-, 15-, and 6-second versions. Two 15-second radio spots are also available. Examples of each can be found below. The entire 2021 CHIP Strong playlist can be viewed on Youtube.

Television Commercials

Radio Commercials

The below files — as well as additional resources — are available for order. If interested in ordering printed materials, we will send you the materials you need to get started!

Trifold ​Brochure
8.5 x 11 inches
Full Color (CMYK)

11 x 17 inches
Full Color (CMYK)

5.5 x 8.5 inches
Full Color (CMYK)

Download CHIP logos — Files include color and black and white vector and high-resolution images.

We make the CHIP logo available so that partners are able to help spread awareness about CHIP. Please be mindful of the following dos and don'ts when using CHIP logo files. By downloading the CHIP logo files, you acknowledge that you have read and will adhere to the standards outlined below.



  • Include the CHIP logo on any communications about the program. This includes:
    • Advertising (television, print, digital)
    • Websites
    • Print materials
    • Correspondence to CHIP applicants and enrollees
    • Applications
    • Signage
  • Use the CHIP logo at a size that is greater than or equal to the size of accompanying logos.
  • Use the logo on promotional materials. (There may be times when an unusual shape – such as a pencil – will require modification of the logo. Simply email us for approval in these cases!)
  • ​Alter the provided logos in any way. This includes:
    • Cropping the logo
    • Changing spacing
    • Altering colors
    • Etc.

Note: You may scale the full logo to fit your design as long as you do so proportionally.



Which logo should I use?

​This is the preferred logo; use the preferred horizontal version of the logo when space allows.

If space makes it difficult to use the horizontal version of the logo, you may use the centered version.

The black-and white version of the logo also is available for printing in publications, such as children’s coloring and activity books. It also may be used if printing in color is not an option for you.

Contact Us

Please email us with any questions about usage of CHIP logo files.