Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline

For Immediate Help: Call 988

Additional assistance is also available from County-specific crisis lines.

Mental Health Crisis Intervention services are required to be available in all counties in Pennsylvania under the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Act of 1966

Counties are to ensure that emergency mental health services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and be accessible to any individual in the community who may need such resources. All individuals in Pennsylvania may utilize the public behavioral health system during a crisis situation, regardless of socio-economic status, health insurance coverage or history of established connections to the behavioral health service delivery system.

This is an immediate service designed to help ease stress for adults, children and families experiencing emotional, mental or behavioral difficulties.  Referrals can be made from community mental health agencies, family members, police, friends, neighbors or anyone concerned about the welfare of an individual who appears to be in a mental health crisis.  Services are to be provided in an efficient and effective manner, in the least restrictive setting and with regard for the rights and dignity of individuals. An effective, responsive crisis intervention service is an essential element of any comprehensive behavioral health service system.

Crisis Intervention services may include 24/7 telephone crisis service, walk-in crisis service, mobile crisis service, medical-mobile crisis service and crisis residential service. Crisis services are to provide intervention, assessment, counseling, screening and disposition.