A “clubhouse” is a community-based, social and vocational rehabilitation program based on the world-famous Fountain House model.

This model features work and membership as the primary methods for providing participants with increased opportunities in employment, housing, education, skill development and social activities. Based on the successful model established by Fountain House in NYC in 1948, the unique feature of clubhouses is the focus on work as the primary rehabilitative tool through which members are engaged and recover functioning. Member participation and involvement in all aspects of clubhouse operation, functions and decision-making is integral to the clubhouse model as are peer support, education, self-determination, responsibility and the opportunity to be employed in real work settings.

Clubhouse members throughout Pennsylvania experience the process of mental health recovery through the personal empowerment achieved through clubhouse membership. Above all, clubhouses are a place of hope!

Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition

Beginning in the 1970s with the early development of psychiatric rehabilitation philosophy and principles, many programs were established with the name “clubhouse.” While many of these programs provide effective and needed services, not all of these “clubhouses” follow Clubhouse International’s (CI) clubhouse standards. CI clubhouses follow a very unique model of psychiatric rehabilitation. Visit the CI web site for more information.

The Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition (PCC) was founded in October 1993 by four clubhouses, which follow the 36 clubhouse standards established by Clubhouse International, based in Fountain House, New York City. Over the past 10 years, the PCC has grown to 23 clubhouses. These clubhouses are committed to supporting the growth and recovery of people with mental illness and to reducing the stigma associated with having a mental illness in the community, especially through employment.

The Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition serves as a forum to facilitate the enhancement of Clubhouse International’s clubhouse rehabilitation programs and to improve the lives of people with mental illness in Pennsylvania.

Functions of the PA Clubhouse Coalition

  • To provide a definition of a clubhouse for Pennsylvania.
  • To articulate clubhouse positions on issues that affect the interests of adults with mental illness.
  • To educate and advise others throughout the State by clarifying the role of clubhouses in the array of services offered in the mental health system.
  • To support the development of new clubhouses.
  • To support the enhancement of existing clubhouses.
  • To develop educational forums related to clubhouse issues.
  • To facilitate outcome studies on the effectiveness of clubhouse programs and disseminate the results.
  • To secure funding in Pennsylvania for Transitional Employment as defined by the CI Standards.
  • To facilitate the networking of clubhouses statewide.
  • Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition (PCC) — Member Criteria 
  • PCC Vision and Strategic Plan