Mental Health in PA

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)​

What is ACT?

ACT is an evidence-based practice that provides community-based, multi-disciplinary mental health treatment for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. The goal of ACT is to lessen or eliminate the debilitating effects that the symptoms of mental illness can have on functioning and quality of life by providing the majority of treatment, rehabilitation, and support services that individuals need to achieve their goals and live independently in their community.

ACT services are tailored for each person and address their preferences and identified goals established through relationship building and individualized assessments. The teams work collaboratively to provide services in community locations that can be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

The services that the teams are required to provide include:

  • Service Coordination by an assigned service coordinator/case manager
  • 24 Hour Crisis Assessment and Intervention
  • Symptom Assessment and Management
  • Medication Prescription, Administration, Monitoring and Documentation
  • Co-occurring Substance Abuse Services
  • Employment Services
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Social/Interpersonal Relationship and Leisure-Time Skill Training
  • Peer Support Services
  • Support Services
  • Education, Support and Consultation to Families

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