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Mental Health Licensing New Provider Information

New Provider Information

OMHSAS oversees the licensure of a variety of mental health and support services to include the following:

  • Psychiatric Unit part of an acute care/general hospital – 5100 Regulations  
  • Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic (OP) — 5200 Regulations  
  • Partial Hospital Program (PH) — 5210 Regulations  
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRS) — 5230 Regulations 
  • Crisis Intervention (CI for Telephone, Walk-In, & Mobile) — draft 5240 Regulations  
  • Crisis Residential (CI for Residential) — draft 5240 Regulations 
  • Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) — 5240 Regulations 
  • Family Based Services (FB) — draft 5260 Regulations  
  • Private Psychiatric Hospital — 5300 Regulations  
  • Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) — 5310 Regulations 
  • Long-Term Structured Residence (LTSR) – 5320 Regulations  
  • Residential Treatment Facility for Adults (RTFA) — OMHSAS Letter November 1995 
  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) — Bulletin OMHSAS -08-03 
  • Peer Support Services — Bulletin OMHSAS-19-05

Prospective providers must obtain licensure or approval by OMHSAS to provide one of the services listed above. The Application Instructions document below can be used as a checklist to ensure all necessary documents are gathered and completed prior to submission of your application materials. The regional Field Office that oversees the county in which the agency will be located will assist with reviewing and processing new applications.  

Before a new application is submitted, a prospective provider should reach out to the County MH/ID Administrator of the county in which the agency will be located, to discuss the program they are seeking licensure for and to obtain a county letter of support/acknowledgement.  

If a prospective provider plans to enroll in Medicaid for payment, the  provider should also reach out to the applicable Behavioral Health Managed Care Organization to obtain information on becoming an in network provider. This is separate from obtaining a license through The Department and licensure by the Department does not guarantee a provider will be accepted into any payers network. 

Helpful regulations and resources can be found below as well as on the Regulation and Standards page of this site.  Prospective providers should review the regulations below as well as the specific program regulations/standards listed above for their specific program types.  Any questions related to regulations, standards, or licensure can be directed to the applicable regional field office.

New Provider Regulations and Resources