Firearm Safety Overview

At the Department of Human Services (DHS), we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities, especially our precious children. We aim to raise awareness about responsible firearm ownership and promote essential safety practices to prevent accidents involving children and firearms.

We firmly believe that education and open dialogue are vital in safeguarding our loved ones. Below, you will find resources, tips, and guidance to empower families and individuals with the knowledge they need to create a safe environment for their kids. Together, we can make a significant impact on reducing accidents and promoting responsible gun ownership.

Top 3 tips for keeping kids safe around firearms

  1. Secure Your Firearms.
    To prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of kids and others, it is crucial to properly store and secure firearms. Utilize lockboxes, gun safes, or trigger locks to store firearms when they are not in use. Free firearm cable locks are available at your local Pennsylvania State Police station.

  2. Teach Kids to Always Assume a Firearm is Loaded.
    When it comes to kid's safety, it is crucial to teach them firearms are not a toy and to always assume that a firearm is loaded. Teaching this mindset can help keep them safe if they come across a firearm outside of your home.

  3. Be a Responsible Role Model:
    Kids learn from watching their parents and caregivers. By demonstrating responsible firearm practices, such as following all safety rules, always pointing the firearm in a safe direction, and never leaving it unattended, you set an example that promotes a culture of safety and responsibility.

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