Nursing Facility Supplemental Payment Calculation

The Department of Human Services (DHS) will determine a qualified nursing facility's supplemental payment by multiplying the facility's MA days as reported by the facility for the corresponding assessment quarter by a per diem rate. The chart below shows the per diem rate for each fiscal year.

Each Fiscal Year (FY) the Department will calculate the allowable cost component for qualified facilities by dividing the assessment paid by a provider by their total resident days to obtain the assessment per diem cost and then multiply that per diem cost by the provider's MA days to determine the provider's MA allowable assessment cost. 

Fiscal Year
Supplemental Per Diem Rate
2019-2020$14.98 per MA Day
2018-2019$15.26 per MA Day
2017-2018$16.20 per MA Day
2016-2017$16.20 per MA Day
2015-2016$15.65 per MA Day
2014-2015$15.70 per MA Day
2013-2014$16.91 per MA Day
2012-2013$16.47 per MA Day
2011-2012$15.01 per MA Day
2010-2011$11.73 per MA Day
2009-2010$11.04 per MA Day
2008-2009$10.18 per MA Day
2007-2008$12.62 per MA Day
2006-2007$10.66 per MA Day
2005-2006$5.17  per MA Day
2004-2005$7.05 per MA Day
2003-2004$10.66 per MA Day