Disproportionate Share Incentive Payments

Chapter 1187.111 describes an incentive payment to nursing facilities based on the overall occupancy percent and Medicaid occupancy percent of the facility during the facility's cost reporting period. Facilities must have at least 90 percent overall occupancy and 80 percent Medicaid occupancy to be eligible for this payment. Payments are made annually.

MDS Transition Payments

MDS Transition Payments were made to nursing facilities for fiscal year 1998-99 to lessen the impact on payment rates for transitioning to the MDS 2.0 assessment instrument. The transition payment was any positive difference between a quarterly based rate from April 1998 (inflated) and the final case mix rate for general nursing facilities, multiplied by the number of MA days. For county owned facilities, the higher of an interim payment rate along with these other two rates also entered into the calculation.