Resources for Developmental Programs Providers, Administrative Entities, and Supports Coordination Organizations

The mission of the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is to support Pennsylvanians with developmental disabilities and their families to achieve greater independence, choice and opportunity in their lives. The MyODP Training & Resource Center is the home for ODP’s training, communications, and informational resources. For information on regulations, ODP Bulletins, licensing and the Department of Human Services, visit the DHS website


What information can I find on this site, and where can I find it?

While the majority of the training, resources, and communications hosted on this site have been developed for professionals who support participants within one or more of ODP’s programs, anyone can review the information, including individuals and families.

At the top of the Home Page are a number of tabs. Below is a description of what you can find under each tab.

  • Everyday Lives: This section features the values that guide the Office of Developmental Programs and highlights stories about Pennsylvanians with disabilities.
  • Training: This section contains virtual training developed by ODP. While the training content is available for everyone, the primary audiences for this training are professionals who need to complete the courses as a training requirement.
  • Resources: Examples of information you can find in this section include documents, forms, and recordings of public webinars and conference sessions that have been developed or presented by ODP.
  • Communications: This section contains all of the communications that are sent out by ODP. They are organized by who issued the communication, and you can search for communications by topic, audience, subject, date issued, etc.
  • Upcoming Events: This section contains information about upcoming training and events hosted by ODP. This is also the area where you can register for face-to-face training presented by ODP. If there are no upcoming events being offered at this time, this will be noted on the page.
  • ODP Training Partners: Through this tab, you can connect with ODP’s Training Partners for more resources and training on topics that you are looking for (transition-age resources, employment, etc.)
    • ASERT (Autism Services, Education, Resources, and Training) — The ASERT Resource Center is a statewide initiatives that provides information for individuals with autism, their families, and the professionals who support them.
    • CDS (College of Direct Support) — The College of Direct Support (CDS) is a nationally recognized web-based training curriculum that provides learning opportunities on many topics of importance to people with developmental disabilities and those who support them.
    • HCQU (Health Care Quality Unit) — The Health Care Quality Units (HCQUs) work to support and improve the health information and knowledge for the intellectual disabilities community service system by building capacity and competency within the physical and behavioral health care systems as well as the stakeholders of the ID system.
  • Support: This section has options to change your MyODP Profile, access website technical support information, and a Contact ODP resource account webpage.
  • At the bottom of the Home Page are three boxes that will rotate to feature different ODP initiatives and advocacy/support groups.