Enterprise Case Management (ECM)

Enterprise Case Management (ECM) is a new way to provide enhanced case management for the PA Department of Human Services and its business partners through the implementation of a common technology platform to help plan and deliver the people we serve improved services for DHS-supervised programs including, but not limited to, Medicaid case management; early intervention services; mental health services and supports; child welfare programs and investigations; and appeals submission and management.

ECM allows for:

    • Easier sharing of information among DHS program offices, counties, individuals/participants, and providers to enable better decision making for improved outcomes for those we serve
    • Increased ability to determine the effectiveness of services provided across programs and the impacts to the people we serve while supporting continuous improvement efforts
    • Enhanced data security including expanded access to information
    • Reduced effort and cost to maintain multiple systems because of the use of a common platform

    ​DHS Enterprise Case Management System Integrator Documents

    BIP BSASP Contact Information
    BIP OCDEL BEIS Contact and Referral
    BIP ODP ID A Contact Information
    ODP Provider Risk Screening Process
    Participant Family Survey Responses
    ODP NEW IMT Guidance
    Authorization to Release Information Early Intervention
    Intent to Register KG
    NOREP Final Accessible
    Notice of Your Childs Transition
    Consent to Excuse
    Intent to Register First Grade
    Permission to Evaluate
    Permission to Reevaluate
    Procedural Safeguards Letter
    Procedural Safeguards Notice
    Authorization to Release Information Infant Toddler
    Fair Hearing Request for ITF Waiver
    Certification of Need ITF Waiver
    Recertification of Need
    Certification of Choice
    MA 51 Medical Evaluation
    DP 250 Certification of Need
    DP 251 Annual Recertification
    DP 457 UF
    DP 458 Fair Hearing Request
    DP 1006 Auth Surrogate Designation
    EI Session Note Form
    DP 1007 Managing Employer Surrogate
    DP 1009 Emergency Back Up
    DP 1010 AWC Monthly Progress Notes
    DP 1022 Waiver Service Request Form
    DP 1024 Provider Vacancy Management
    DP 1025 Unanticipated Emergency
    DP 1032 ISP Signature Form
    DP 1033 Unanticipated Emergency Screening
    DP 1051 Room and Board Contract
    DP 1055 PUNS final English
    IFSP IEP Blank
    DP 1055-2 PUNS Disagreement
    DP 1086 Consolidated PFDS
    Attachment 1 Request for APC
    PA 1768 HCBS Eligibility
    RTRAH Notification Form
    DP 1017 Service Provider Choice
    DP 1018 Service Preference
    DP 1019 Supports Coordinator Choice
    CSP Allegheny
    CSP Form Final
    Infant Toddler ER Blank
    Invitation to Participate in Transition
    Parents Rights Agreement
    EI Communication Plan
    PA MA Billing Parent Consent
    LifeCourse Vison Planning Tool
    IT Caseload Count by Funding Stream
    Services During Scheduled Breaks
    Supplementary Documentation Report
    Impact of Service Removal Report
    Provider Utilization Report
    Provider Qualification Status Report
    PUNS Management Report
    Unfinalized PUNS Report
    PUNS Reviewed Within 365 Days
    Reason for Waiver Program Dis-Enrollment Detail
    Reason for Waiver Program Dis-Enrollment Summary
    Caseload Count by Status Report
    LOC Exception Detail Report
    LOC Exception Summary Report
    LOC Re-evaluation Operational Report
    Individual Monitoring Report
    Pending SC Individual Monitoring Report
    Employment Information Detail Report
    Individuals Enrolled in FM Services
    Provider Financial Metrics Report
    Deaf Services Assessment Report
    Individuals with Filled or Reserved Capacity Report
    EI Program Setting Report
    ISP Overlap Report
    ISP Monitoring Report
    Individual Support Plan Process Monitoring Report
    Autism Supports Plan Process Monitoring Report
    ISP Review Date Aging Report
    Waiver Program Enrollment Report
    Utilization Summary Report
    IT to Preschool Program Transition
    MA ITF Waiver Eligibility Report
    Provider Service Details Report
    Service Note Extract Report
    Service Delivery by Child
    IT ECO Details
    Certification of Choice (Spanish)
    Nonfunctional Requirements