​Bureau of Program Support

​Bureau of Program Support Overview

The Bureau of Program Support is responsible for providing the needed resources to ensure the Office of Income Maintenance functions efficiently and effectively. This bureau also serves as the central point of contact for staff distribution; recruitment, selection and retention.

Division of Automation Planning and Support

  • Provides programmatic oversight and input into the development and maintenance of automated systems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the headquarters and county assistance office operations.

Division of Management and Budget

  • Develops and coordinates budget requests, re-budgets, program revision requests, budget book material, allotment schedules and funding alternatives and monitors the expenditure of funds.

Division of Office Services

  • Serves as the liaison to Office of Administration on issues relating to office space and equipment and telecommunications procurement.

Division of Statistical Analysis

  • Manages a system for the maintenance of program and fiscal data on TANF, Medical Assistance and SNAP programs, also conducts special studies and surveys as requested.


Joel O'Donnell, Director
4th Floor Health & Welfare Building
North 7th and Forster Streets
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Tel: 717-787-1665