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For Residents

Apply for Benefits

Whether you need healthcare or food or cash assistance, there are a number of ways to apply for or renew your benefits. Don't wait, get coverage today!

Programs for Residents

Aging & Physical Disabilities

Learn about Aging & Physical Disabilies

Early Learning & Child Care

Learn about Early Learning & Child Care

Food Assistance

Learn about Food Assistance

Housing & Utilities

Learn about Housing & Utilities

Intellectual Disabilities

Learn about Intellectual Disabilities

Family & Children Services

Learn about Family & Children Services

Employment & Training Programs

Learn about Employment & Training

Cash Assistance

Learn about Cash Assistance

Report Abuse

Learn how you can protect vulnerable Pennsylvanians by reporting suspected abuse or neglect of children, older Pennsylvanians, or adults with disabilities.

Report Fraud

You can help protect public assistance resources for those who need it by reporting suspected fraud or abuse of public assistance and Medicaid.