Third Party Liability (TPL) Web Portal

The Department of Human Services (department) Division of Third Party Liability (TPL) offers a web portal to allow registered business partners (requestors) to submit a statement of claim requests and related documents online. The department provides automated responses to registered business partners in the course of working on a case. The portal keeps an electronic record of requests to TPL and responses back to the requestor. All correspondence to the requestor from TPL is available.

The following case statuses are available to the requestor:

  • Request is Received
  • Case is Open
  • Statement of Claim Requested
  • Statement of Claim Available
  • New Correspondence (response from TPL to requestor)
  • Awaiting Reimbursement
  • Check Processed


  • The requestor is provided with the name and phone number of the agent/investigator assigned to the case.
  • Email notifications are sent to the requestor when new correspondence is available.

NOTE: Request submission through the TPL web portal will become mandatory in the future.

Submission Process

Step 1

  • Sign up for a business partner account. Once this step is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with your b-user name.

Step 2

Request access to the TPL Web Portal using your new b-user name. At the bottom of the "Enterprise Business Partnership Registration: General Information" page, you will see the following:

Step 3

Once registered, your agency's administrator will be able to approve or deny access to others in your agency.

  • The first individual to register under your FEIN will become your organization's "administrator." Please refer to the registration guide for further information.

Once you have registered with the TPL Web Portal, you will be able to submit claims on your personal dashboard

Contact Us

  • Please email us with any questions or concerns regarding the TPL Web Portal.