Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) Payments

The Department of Health's (DOH) annual Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) surcharge on a nursing facility's licensing fee is an allowable cost under Medicaid. The Medicaid portion of the HAI surcharge will be reimbursed as a pass-through payment and will be paid on an annual basis. A nursing facility's annual HAI pass-through payment will equal the annual HAI surcharge fee paid by the nursing facility, less any penalties assessed, as verified by the DOH, multiplied by the nursing facility's Medicaid occupancy rate as reported on the nursing facility's MA-11 cost report for the year in which the annual HAI surcharge is paid.

The HAI pass-through payment will be made annually within 120 days after the submission of an acceptable cost report provided that payment will not be made before the later of 210 days from the close of the nursing facility fiscal year or the date on which the DOH received payment of the nursing facility's HAI surcharge fee.