Enterprise Case Management

ECM Providers

ECM allows for easier information sharing with providers, enabling better decision making for improved outcomes for those we serve. Providers involved in the programs and services offered through DHS will gain a holistic view of an individual's records and will experience reduced administrative burden required for data entry into multiple systems.

Child Welfare Services

  • Child Welfare Contributing Agencies (CWCA) - a public or private entity that, by contract or agreement with the title IV–E agency, provides child abuse and neglect investigations, placements, or child welfare case management (or any combination of these) to children and families. CWCAs include many public and private entities such as Juvenile Probation Offices, Philadelphia County's Community Umbrella Agencies (CUA), and Chapter 3700 foster family care agencies.
  • An agency with an agreement with the title IV-E agency to perform home studies, safety checks, and other licensure services on foster or adoptive homes.


Two or more counties participating in concert in a county mental health and intellectual or developmental disability program as well as child welfare services.

Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Provider

An individual, firm, or corporation that is enrolled to participate in the Medical Assistance (MA) Program or HCBS Waiver/Programs and provides services and supports to MA beneficiaries or Waiver/Program participants.

Long-Term Living Enrollment Services Provider

An individual or entity that is engaged in the delivery of medical or professional services, or ordering or referring for those services, and is legally authorized to do so by the Commonwealth or State in which it delivers the services, including a licensed hospital or healthcare facility, medical equipment supplier, or person who is licensed, certified, or otherwise regulated to provide healthcare services under the laws of the Commonwealth or states in which the entity or person provides services, including a physician, podiatrist, optometrist, psychologist, physical therapist, CRNP, RN, clinical nurse specialist, certified registered nurse anesthetist, certified nurse midwife, physician's assistant, chiropractor, dentist, dental hygienist, pharmacist, and an individual accredited or certified to provide behavioral health services.

Independent Enrollment Broker (IEB)

An independent and conflict-free entity that is responsible for providing information about Community HealthChoices (CHC) and the CHC-MCOs and otherwise assist the individual to choose a CHC-MCO and enrollment services to Potential Participants and Participants.

Managed Care Organization (MCO)

An entity contracted with the Department responsible for the delivery and payment of participant's services.