​Bureau of Operations Overview

The Bureau of Operations is responsible for the overall planning, organization, direction, and control of all public assistance programs delivered through the 67 county assistance offices, and their district offices.

The Bureau of Operations includes the following units and programs:

  • The Divisions of Field Management and Staff Development;
  • Helpline and correspondence, which handles over 160,000 phone calls and processes over 17,000 items of correspondence from public assistance clients per year;
  • The Operations Support Unit, which is responsible for LIHEAP, disaster assistance, repatriation and other programs that support CAO operations;
  • The Disability Advocacy Program, which is a social service program that assists over 40,000 disabled public assistance clients per year through the Social Security Administrations application and appeal process for disability benefits;
  • The Central Unit, which is responsible for 7,000 State Supplementary Payment cash cases, 3,000 Medical Assistance (Medicaid) cases for interstate foster care and adopted children, the SelectPlan for Women program that determines Medical Assistance eligibility for family planning services, and Enhanced Veterans Reimbursement (EVR) which allows veterans in PA to receive Medical Assistance when they reside in a veteran's home.

Additionally the bureau is responsible for the coordination of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and the administration, implementation of special programs such as the Out of State IV-E Children and Refugee Assistance.


Bob Hixson, Director
Health and Welfare Building
625 Forster Street, Room 433E
Harrisburg, PA 17105