​Bureau of Administrative Services

About Bureau Services

The Bureau of Administrative Services plans, directs and coordinates the Department of Human Services' (DHS) administrative support activities, including: forms and publications, printing services, mailroom operations, signature authorization, agency records coordination, automotive fleet operations, guardianship programs, management of facilities and property, leasing and space, the surplus equipment warehouse, emergency planning, environmental safety and continuity of operations.

Support Services

Automotive Fleet Management Unit

  • Manages the state-owned automotive fleet assigned to DHS.
  • Manages the EZ-Pass program for DHS.

Administrative Section

  • Coordinates, processes, and distributes all membership requests.
  • Processes and maintains all signature authorizations (revocations/delegations).
  • Coordinates, issues, and maintains permanent and temporary departmental parking.
  • Requests, manages, and maintains records for DHS photo IDs.
  • Manages DHS' notary public bond program.
  • Coordinates the preparation, publication, and distribution of DHS administrative policies.
  • Records management; facilitates the inventory of records; maintains the agency records retention and disposition schedules; coordinates the transfer of records to the State Records Center and/or State Archives.
  • Monitors and reconciles payments for the DHS Agency Lodging Card.

Guardianship Programs Section

  • Operates a program designed to provide guardianship, representative payee, agency and advocacy services to individuals in state hospitals, state centers, and the South Mountain Restoration Center.
  • The program consists of 12 facility guardian offices, three area management offices, and central office management and support staff.
  • Develops and implements goals, objectives, plans, policies, and procedures for the guardianship program.
  • Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of guardianship services, policies, plans, and program procedures.
  • Ensures the fiscal integrity of the guardianship program through an internal audit program and a comprehensive financial reporting system.

Management Services

Forms and Publications

  • Forms and publications design.
  • Prepare and manage commercial contracts that provide print and distribution services for DHS in collaboration with DGS Procurement and DGS Publications.
  • Assist administrative and program offices in the preparation of requests and the procurement of printing and distribution services.

Mail Unit

  • Processes all incoming and outgoing mail for DHS and the Department of Health.
  • Provides statewide inter- and intra-office mail services.
  • Provides mail distribution to the offices located on the grounds of the Department of General Services (DGS) Annex Complex and locations throughout the Capitol Complex.
  • Manages and maintains all Pitney Bowes postage by phone accounts.

Division of Facilities and Property Management

  • Provides technical services in planning, design and construction of projects and maintenance for facilities operated by DHS (six state hospitals for individuals with mental illness, five centers for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and six youth development centers and youth forestry camps).
  • Provides consultation for building utilization and modifications required for program needs, in compliance with federal and state regulations, licensure and accreditation standards.
  • Conducts continuing assessments of institutional buildings to determine the physical condition for renovations, makes recommendations for efficient utilization of buildings through consolidation of functions into fewer buildings or floors within buildings, assists in planning and implementations and provides engineering and architectural services.
  • Provides technical expertise in the areas of maintenance, construction, cost estimation and architectural and engineering project design and review is made available to all DHS facilities.
  • Administers the department's office leasing program for county assistance offices and other departmental facilities.
  • Serves as the liaison between lessors and the Department of General Services on leasing matters. Monitors and approves construction and renovations to leased space.
  • Coordinates and monitors inter- and intra-office moves.

Division of Emergency Planning and Safety Operations

Emergency Planning and Operations

  • Coordinates agency-wide emergency operations planning (EOP) efforts and provides technical support to the facilities and offices relative to compliance to (DHS) Administrative Manual for Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).
  • Coordinates the Commonwealth response for statewide Mass Care Planning, Emergency Behavioral Health, Shelter and Recovery Programs Framework under the EOP.
  • The Division serves as the Statewide Lead for Emergency Support Function 6 (ESF 6) Mass Care within the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) Commonwealth Emergency Operation Plan (CEOP).
  • DHS Agency Representatives within the Division serve as the primary point of contact for emergency notifications to the agency (24/7).
  • DHS Agency Representatives manage the emergency response team and the agency response during emergencies, including staffing the Commonwealth Response Coordination Center (CRCC) at PEMA.
  • Coordinates and supports the program office for cyber response and emergency communications. 

Continuity of Operations

  • Coordinates agency-wide Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning and related training and exercises.
  • Provides technical support to facilities and offices relative to compliance with the DHS Administrative Manual and Governor's Office of Administration (GOA) requirements for (COOP).
  • Assures integration of program office plans into a comprehensive Emergency Response and Recovery Framework.
  • Acts as the Agency liaison with PEMA, State Fire Commissioner Office, Office of Homeland Security and the GOA/Office of Continuity of Government.

Safety & Environmental Operations

  • Manages programs and provides technical consultation for operational safety programs, worker protection programs, environmental compliance related to indoor air quality, hazardous materials and other program components.
  • Provides asbestos hazard control and asbestos abatement training (Danville) for DHS facilities in a full range of disciplines.
  • Provides lead paint project consultation.
  • Provides consultation and compliance services in support of facility and program office operational safety and environmental programs, facility safety programs, asbestos/lead abatement and training, and agency-wide environmental compliance: polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), lead paint, mold, hazardous/residual/infectious waste, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Radon, and underground/above-ground storage tanks (USTs/ASTs).
  • Provides technical consultation for programs related to Worker Protection Standards including Respiratory Protection, Confined Space, Lockout/Tagout, Personal Protective Equipment, medical monitoring related to asbestos/lead.
  • Provides technical assistance and consultations for the Fire Safety programs.
  • Provides site remediation and environmental clean-up consultation.
  • Provides Safety & Environmental Operational Consultation (Field Audits).
  • Provides Environmental Protection Agency/Labor & Industry (EPA/L&I) accredited training for asbestos occupations.
  • Provides respirator fit test training for facilities.
  • Provides L&I certified asbestos/lead project design and consultation for renovation/demolition projects.


Contact Information

Mailing Address

Department of Human Services
Office of Administration
Bureau of Administrative Services
P.O. Box 2675
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Bureau Contacts

  • Marcy Domen, Director
    Bureau of Administrative Services
    Phone: (717) 787-3442

  • George Maag, Director
    Division of Facilities and Property Management
    Phone: (717) 783-3973

  • Devon Heberlig, Director
    Division of Emergency Planning and Safety Operations
    Phone: (717) 460-1627