ODP Provider Monitoring/SCO Monitoring

As part of the ODP quality management strategy, provider monitoring has been designed to be used statewide and be comprehensive, standardized and measurable. Utilizing a standard process, tools and data collection documents assists ODP with verifying that providers are qualified and services are provided in compliance with the waivers, regulations, policies and procedures, and the current Provider Agreement for Participation in Pennsylvania’s Consolidated and P/FDS Waivers (Provider Agreement) or any approved revisions.

From February to May of 2011, ODP conducted a provider monitoring pilot program, in which four Administrative Entities (AEs) and four providers of waiver-funded services participated. Based on the results of this pilot, comments and feedback from the pilot participants and questions received by ODP regarding provider monitoring, the provider monitoring processes, tools and other related documents have been revised with improvements. ODP wishes to thank those pilot participants for their cooperation and support.

Updated documents are posted to this website upon effective date of implementation. Please utilize the following links to access documents and information related to provider monitoring:

All of the documents listed below are in PDF format.

Provider and Supports Coordination Organization (SCO) Monitoring Fact Sheets

Provider Monitoring:

Supports Coordination Organization Provider Monitoring:

Documents which must be accessed in a secure manner related to provider/SCO monitoring are stored at the PIC, SCOIC, and AEIC. If you have further questions regarding provider monitoring, please contact the regional ODP in your area.