Enterprise Licensing System (ELS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary of Terms

ASPENAutomated Survey Process Environment
BCHSBureau of Community Health Systems
BHSLBureau of Human Services Licensing
BMMBureau of Medical Marijuana
CCWChild Care Works
CMSCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services
COMPASSCommonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services
CWISChild Welfare Information Solution
DAACDepartment of Acute and Ambulatory Care
DDAPDepartment of Drug and Alcohol Programs
DHHDepartment of Home Health
DHSDepartment of Human Services
DICFDepartment of Intermediate Care Facilities
DNCFDepartment of Nursing Care Facilities 
DOHDepartment of Health
DSIDepartment of Safety Inspection
ECMEnterprise Case Management
ELSEnterprise Licensing System
HCBSHome and Community-Based Services
HCSISHome and Community Services Information System
iQIESInternet Quality Improvement & Evaluation System
JNETPennsylvania Justice Network
KTQKeys to Quality
MCIMaster Client Index
MPIMaster  Provider Index
OCDELOffice of Child Development and Early Learning
OCYFOffice of Children Youth and Families
ODPOffice of Developmental Programs
OLTLOffice of Long Term Living
OMHSASOffice of Mental Health and Substance Abuse
PA-PSRSPennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System
PCGPublic Consulting Group
PDADepartment of Aging
PELICANPennsylvania's Enterprise to Link Information for Children Across Networks
PEMAPennsylvania Emergency Management Agency