Enterprise Licensing System (ELS)

Changing & Training

Organization Change Management Approach


The commonwealth will work to understand the readiness for change of each ELS Stakeholder and the impact this change will have on each Stakeholder type. We will work to develop the best approach to meet the Stakeholders where they are in the process.


Different forms of communication will be developed to inform ELS Stakeholders of the initiative timelines, project changes, and important updates. 


The  training approach will be developed for all user types and delivered to provide complete understanding of the system functionalities. 

How does the Enterprise Licensing System impact me?


  • Improve and standardize licensing processes
  • Enhance departmental communications
  • More robust reporting capabilities 
  • Easier automated workflows


  • Allow for streamlined licensing processes 
  • Transparency into licensing status
  • Improved collaboration with the licensing agency
  • Easier electronic processes to reduce administrative time