Competency to Stand Trial Procedures, Evaluations, and Reports

  • Six procedures relating to competency to stand trial were recently finalized and include:
    • Procedure 1: Initial Competency Hearing and Order for Evaluation
    • Procedure 2: Competency Treatment, Restoration and Re-evaluation of Defendants Adjudicated Incompetent to Stand Trial/Proceed
    • Procedure 3: Incompetent to Stand Trial and Non-restorable
    • Procedure 4: Collaboration of Judicial, Legal, Statewide and Regional Partners
    • Procedure 5: Jail-:based Competency Restoration Program
    • Procedure 6: Outpatient Competency Restoration Program

  • Training PowerPoint - Competency Restoration — February 2019
    Training was conducted for judges, defense attorneys, public defenders, county mental health staff, hospital clinicians, county-prison staff and independent evaluators. The PowerPoint presentation used in these trainings is also provided for review and future training purposes.

  • CompKit — A Comprehensive Approach to Competency Restoration Training for Criminal Clients
    This includes curricula for instructors to use in teaching factual (CompKit Section 2) and rational understanding (CompKit Section 3) and provides curriculum options for use in those with cognitive disorders (CompKit Section 4 and Appendices). In addition, the CompKit includes appendices with games and other tools providing a varied learning experience for individuals, and handouts for individuals.

Competency to Stand Trial Forms