The Department of Human Services (DHS) is committed to open and frequent communication to educate and inform individuals about Community HealthChoices (CHC). It is very important that people are aware of any changes to their coverages and are able to make an informed decision if a plan selection is required.

Participant Trainings

Informational Documents

The following documents were or will be sent to participants:

  • CHC: Here’s What You Need to Know — English | Spanish
  • Informational Flyer — English
    Participants in the Lehigh/Capital, Northeast, and Northwest zones received this informational flyer in July 2019 to inform them that CHC is coming to their county in January 2020.
  • LIFE Flyer (for Life participants) — English

Participant Notices

DHS mailed notices to participants in the Lehigh/Capital, Northeast, and Northwest zones beginning in September 2019. The notices informed participants that they would be transitioning to CHC on January 1, 2020, and needed to select a health plan, also called a managed care organization (MCO). The notices also told potentially eligible participants that they were potentially eligible for the LIFE program. Copies of the notices used in the Southwest are available here.

Pre-Enrollment Packets

Beginning in September 2019, pre-enrollment packets will be mailed to participants. This packet contains information about the health plans and benefits and tell participants how to enroll. There is a toll-free number and website for participants to use to make their plan selection. Participants will also receive automated calls to be made aware that packets are coming. If participants do not select a health plan, they will get a follow-up call. If a participant does not select a plan, they will be assigned to a plan. Individuals can change their plan at any time. Below are copies of the packets mailed to Southwest participants:

Post-Enrollment Packets

General Information

Community Meetings/Information Sessions

  • CHC Community Meetings for Participants: Invitation — English | Spanish
    Seventy-two community events were held in the Lehigh/Capital, Northeast, and Northwest zones to offer participants more information on CHC, the LIFE program and to answer participant questions.
  • 2023 Listen and Learn Sessions: Invitation - Updated July 26, 2023
    The OLTL Listen and Learn Sessions are an opportunity for OLTL program participants, family members, and community members to share their feedback on OLTL programs and hear from OLTL staff.
  • Aging Well presentations
    English | Spanish | Chinese | Korean | Russian | Vietnamese