Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), payments to providers are deposited electronically into the bank account of the provider's choice. EFT is an efficient and cost-effective means of enhancing accounts receivable procedures. The Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Program is offering this service to providers enrolled in the program.

Enrollment Process

  • Electronic Enrollment: Providers can access the electronic enrollment application found on the PROMISe™ Provider Portal. This is a quick, easy, and secure way to enroll for EFT payment. Make sure to have the following information available when completing the EFT enrollment form.
    • The appropriate bank or financial institution's American Bank Association (ABA) routing number. This can be obtained from your bank or financial institution.
    • A specific bank account number and the type of account (checking or savings). Only ONE bank account can be requested for each service location.
    • Bank address information.
  • Paper Enrollment Application: Providers can also choose to complete and mail a paper application. Please make sure to follow the instructions included with the application in order to successfully enroll for EFT. Please allow four weeks processing time for paper applications.

Depending on the enrollment method chosen, a notification email or letter will be sent to you. Please review the information provided to confirm the account registration is correct. You can also access the PROMISe™ Provider Portal at any time to verify EFT enrollment information. Any issues found can be corrected immediately by submitting a new application online.

For new EFT enrollments, be advised that three weekly pre-notification transactions for zero dollars will be posted to your account within 10 days. During this testing period, it is important that you contact your bank or financial institution to verify receipt of these transactions. You will continue to receive your MA payments via check until the three test transmissions have successfully completed. If the pre-notification tests are successful, EFT should begin within four weeks of your receiving the pre-notification communication.

EFT Rejections

Common reasons EFTs are rejected are:

  • Incorrect ABA routing numbers;
  • Incorrect account numbers, or;
  • The receiving account has been closed.

If the bank refuses a provider EFT deposit, your Medical Assistance payment will be mailed to the default address listed on your current provider service location. The process of transferring your EFT payment to a check and mailing it to you will delay your payment. Please contact the Provider Assistance Center prior to making any changes.

Missing/Late EFT Files

  • If receiving an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) – EFT payment will be delivered within three (3) business days of ERA issuance.
  • If receiving paper remittance advice – EFT payment will be delivered within ten (10) business days of paper remittance advice issuance.
  • Please access Remittance Advice Mailing/ERA Delivery Date webpage for the payment schedule.

If you have not received your payment as scheduled above, please contact the Provider Assistance Center (PAC) at 1-800-248-2152i


The Provider Assistance Center can be contacted by email at papac1@gainwelltechnologies.com or toll-free at 1-800-248-2152, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, or send any written correspondence to:

EFT Unit
Gainwell Technologies, MS 2-200
1250 Camp Hill Bypass, Suite 100
Camp Hill, PA 17011-3700