Enterprise Licensing System (ELS)

The goal of this project is to implement a single Enterprise Licensing System (ELS) that addresses licensing and certification needs, as well as incident and complaint management, across multiple state agencies.

The ELS will provide a standardized enterprise-wide solution that is configurable and can also provide a limited degree of customization by each agency to meet their specific needs. The Commonwealth is moving away from customized solutions and pursuing low-code configurable solutions. 

ELS Improvements

  • Increased collaboration and communication across Agencies.  
  • Improved scheduling of licensing inspections by allowing staff to coordinate visits with multiple agencies for the same provider, resulting in timelier issuance of licenses and renewals.   
  • Streamlined business processes, including electronic sharing and storing of documents and pre-populated forms and templates. 
  • Expanded and improved system functionality, including mobile capabilities.  
  • Reduced maintenance and operations costs from multiple licensing and incident management systems to one. 
  • Improved and consistent reporting across programs.