FAQ: Checks, Payments, and Remittance

Allow at least three weeks from the date of receipt of the remittance advice to receive the corresponding check. If after three weeks you still do not receive the check, send a written request along with a copy of the remittance advice summary page to the appropriate resource account: 

  • "D" = claim or line item has been denied
  • "P" = claim or line item has been or may be paid
  • "S" = claim or line item has been suspended.

Keep in mind that the status shown on line number zero (pertaining to a specific claim) is the status of the entire claim. The statuses that are on line 1 or line 2, etc. pertaining to that specific line number only.

Yes. DHS supports Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments. The capability to allow providers to set-up direct deposit is available in PROMISe™. If you registered for EFT payments prior to PROMISe™, no re-registration is necessary. However, if you were not registered for this, an ACH application and step-by-step instructions can be reviewed on the Department of Human Services (DHS) website here.

Or you may contact the Provider Assistance Center at 717-975-4100. Note that registration is by service location and newly added service locations need to be registered individually.

Anyone wishing to submit claims electronically with Pennsylvania Medical Assistance must first register to certify with us. When registering to submit the 837, receipt of the 835 is included in this process. After registering you are sent a packet of certification information that addresses the various methods for submission of claims and receipt of the 835.