Medicaid / Medical Assistance (MA) provides coverage for:

  • Pregnant women (coverage for pregnant women can begin as soon as your doctor or nurse informs you that you are pregnant).
  • Children of low-income families through age 18.

Children are automatically covered up to age one if the mother is eligible for and receiving Medical Assistance on the date of the child's birth.


If you are pregnant, your doctor's office, health clinic, or a qualified hospital may be able to complete a form providing you with temporary eligibility (presumptive eligibility) and assist you in completing an application.

Apply for Medicaid

You can apply online, in-person, on the phone, or through the mail.

Apply Online

Use our quick, easy, and secure COMPASS website.

Apply Online

Apply by Telephone

Call the Consumer Service Center for Health Care Coverage at 1-866-550-4355 


Apply In-Person

Your local county assistance office (CAO) have professionals that will help you apply.

Find You County Assistance Office 

Apply by Mail

Download, fill out, and print a paper application then send it to your local County Assistance Office.

Download a form (PDF)

What are the Medical Benefits for Children and Pregnant Women?

  • Provides health care coverage to underinsured or uninsured pregnant women and infants
  • Full scope of medical services coverage
  • Coverage for the pregnant woman eligible for and receiving Medicaid is continued for one year after the birth
  • Proper prenatal care
  • Early detection and treatment of health problems
  • Helps in decreasing infant mortality
  • Helps in decreasing low birth weight, which is tied to health problems later in life


Income Requirements for Medical Assistance for Children and Pregnant Women

Based on 2024 Federal Poverty Income Guidelines (FPIG)

Household Size 
Monthly Pregnant Women and Infants Under Age One (215 percent FPIG)Monthly
Children Age One to Age Five (157 percent FPIG)
Children Ages Six to Under Age 19 (133 percent FPIG)
Each Additional Person$964$704$597


  • Pregnant women and children up to age one: Family income may not exceed 215 percent of the FPIG — When determining which income eligibility limit applies to a pregnant woman, household size is increased by the number of unborn children. Example: If a woman verifies she is pregnant with twins, then she counts as three persons.
  • Children ages one through five — Family income may not exceed 157 percent of the FPIG.
  • Children ages six through 18 — Family income may not exceed 133 percent of the FPIG.
  • No Resource requirements — Resources such as vehicles, property, and life insurance are not considered in determining eligibility for this program.