Employment & Supportive Services for People with Disabilities in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is strongest when we include the talents and skills of everyone. At the Department of Human Services (DHS), our goal is to make sure Pennsylvanians with disabilities have what they need to live everyday lives with more independence. DHS gives people with disabilities services so they are able to find good, enjoyable jobs without losing the assistance programs and benefits they rely on.

Pennsylvania is an Employment First state. This means that one of the first ways we support people with a disability is with competitive integrated employment (CIE). CIE for an individual with a disability include jobs where you can:

  • Earn minimum wage or better
  • Work in a setting where the majority of workers do not have a disability
  • Be paid directly by the employer, not a service provider
  • Be presented with opportunities for advancement

There are many resources to help you get ready for and find a good job.
There are also resources for you to use to work without losing benefits.

See DHS' list of employment resources.