The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP), together with stakeholders from across the state, chose the Supports Intensity Scale™ (SIS™) to be the standardized needs assessment in Pennsylvania for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The SIS™ was developed by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) in 2004 and is used in several states and foreign countries. The Supports Intensity Scale™ was chosen so that the needs of all individuals aged 16-72 who are entering or already enrolled in the Consolidated or the Person/Family Directed Supports waivers will be assessed consistently and equitably throughout the commonwealth.

The PA Plus was developed by stakeholders to be given concurrently with the Supports Intensity Scale™. It consists of a set of nine questions to provide additional planning information not covered in the Supports Intensity Scale™ assessment. Topics include supports needed for mobility, transfers, vision, hearing, communication, and safety, as well as assistive technology, treatments, medications and behavioral health. These additional questions are designed to support the planning process and better serve individual's needs.