An Administrative Entity (AE) is a county/joinder or non-governmental entity that enters into, and maintains a signed current agreement with the PA Department of Human Services (DHS) to perform administrative functions delegated by the Department, as the Department's designee, and Level of Care (LOC) evaluations in compliance with the Department's approved Intellectual Disability/ Autism (ID/A) Waivers and the Adult Autism Waiver (AAW), Written Policies and Procedures, and Departmental Decisions. The AE is responsible for ID/A Waiver Participants or Prospective Waiver Participants when providing ID/A Waivers and AAW functions. For purposes of ID/A Waiver or Prospective Waiver Participants, it is for those who reside within the AE. For the purposes of AAW, the jurisdiction would include conducting initial LOC for Prospective Waiver Participants residing in within the AE.