The Independent Enrollment Broker is a contracted statewide entity to facilitate and streamline the eligibility/enrollment process for applicants seeking services for several Pennsylvania waivers/programs.

The Independent Enrollment Broker provides enrollment services for applicants who are aging or with physical disabilities applying for Aging, Attendant Care, COMMCARE, Independence, and the OBRA Waivers or the Act 150 Attendant Care Program.

The PA Independent Enrollment Broker will work in close collaboration with service coordination providers and key stakeholders to respond to needs, address issues, and ensure participants receive prompt high-quality service.


To begin the eligibility/enrollment process, please contact the PA Independent Enrollment Broker:

PA Independent Enrollment Broker
6385 Flank Drive, Suite 400
Harrisburg, PA 17112-4603

Toll-free helpline: 1-877-550-4227
Toll-free TTY line: 1-877-824-9346
Fax number: (717) 540-6201

Note: Above address is for the central office in Harrisburg