EXEL Logistics

A Pennsylvania Refugee Success Story.

EXEL Logistics Exel

EXEL Logistics was named Lutheran Children & Family Service's (LCFS) Employer of the Year in March 2011.

EXEL was honored by LCFS for their commitment to refugees. The company has worked with different resettlement agencies in Harrisburg to fill entry-level positions for decades. Human Resources Director Carol Baer has been with the company for more than a decade and is proud of the partnership and chance to work with so many diverse people over the years. EXEL's human resources office is headquartered in Mechanicsburg, however, their operation is spread throughout central Pennsylvania.

When EXEL expanded to Lancaster in 2008, it was a great time to reinforce the relationship built in Harrisburg. LCFS’s employment specialist Andy Kalala reached out to EXEL's Operations Manager Jeremy Aldridge to offer him LCFS employments services.

Since then, Jeremy and Andy have been working together to fill open positions at EXEL with refugees who meet basic qualifications. This partnership has been a great display of what can be achieved when community partners work together and strive towards a successful future for everyone, including refugees.

Show in photo above, from left: Todd Miller (LCFS Program Coordinator), Ken Novacich (Sr. Director of Operations Life Sciences), Hari Ghimire (LCFS Case Manager), Amy Kaufman (Exel HR Representative), Andy Kalala (LCFS Employment Specialist), Carol Baer (Exel Director), Jeremy Aldridge (Exel Operations Manager), Joseph Lian (LCFS Case Manager), Brendan Reinert (General Manager), Siti Bahaman (LCFS Employment Specialist), Selma Onal (LCFS Site Director), Edina Bilalovic (LCFS ME Specialist), Kristen Reed (LCFS Employment Specialist), Anna Nofziger (LCFS Case Manager), Charlotte Fry (Program Advisor at Commonwealth of PA). Photo By Hari Ghimire