Why Hire a Refugee?

Refugee workers are motivated workers!

Refugees are survivors of great adversity, having lost their homes, personal property, and careers. Their personal need to regain self-sufficiency, their interest in acquiring new skills and their desire to attain economic stability for their families make them excellent prospects for hire at all levels.

It's good for your business!

Refugee workers bring personal initiative, skills, strong work ethics and diversity to the workplace. Their job retention rates are high. And in addition, employer tax credits and training incentives are available in many cases.

It's good for the economy!

Most refugees are able to begin paying taxes within their first year in the US.

It's good for your community!

Hiring a refugee not only helps your business but also demonstrates your commitment to building self-sufficiency, strengthening families and promoting more active participation of new arrivals to your community. Support services are available to employers. Federally-funded employment services for refugees provide pre-screening, work orientation, job-coaching, vocational English language instruction and other services that facilitate entry into the workforce and promote on-going skills acquisition and good job retention. In addition, guidance in meeting federal employment verification (I-9) requirements is available to make the hiring process as easy as possible.