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Closed Facilities

SCI Retreat (Luzerne County) opened in 1988. Formerly a state hospital for the mentally ill operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Retreat housed adult male inmates. It was closed in June 2020.

SCI Graterford (Montgomery County), opened in 1929, performed the same branch function for Eastern until Eastern was closed in 1970. Today, this facility houses adult male inmates. It also houses capital case inmates. This prison was closed on July 15, 2018, after all inmates and staff had been relocated to SCI Phoenix, which is 1/4 mile away from the closed prison — located on the same prison property.
SCI Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) opened in 1882. Known to locals as “Western Pen,” the prison was put into “moth ball” status in January 2005, when the final group of inmates was transferred to other prisons in the state. The administration building was renovated to serve as a community corrections center for approximately 80 residents. The building also housed community corrections offices. The prison was reopened in June 2007 to help the department deal with its ever-increasing inmate population. It housed adult male inmates. 
SCI Greensburg (Westmoreland County) opened in 1969 as the first regional correctional facility, holding mostly short term offenders. On May 1, 1986, the State Regional Correctional Facility at Greensburg was redesignated "SCI Greensburg" by Governor's Proclamation. The purpose of the change was to permit housing of a greater number of state sentenced inmates -- a necessity with the growing inmate population. This facility, which housed adult male offenders, was closed June 30, 2013.
SCI Cresson (Cambria County) opened in 1987. It is a former center for the mentally ill, operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. It was converted into a facility for adult male offenders. This facility was closed June 30, 2013.
SCI Waynesburg (Greene County) originally a youth development center operated by the state Department of Public Welfare, Waynesburg was converted to a minimum-security facility for adult females in July 1984. It operated as such until 1992, when the prison was converted to an adult male facility. At that time all females were transferred to SCI Cambridge Springs in Crawford County. The prison remained open, housing about 450 inmates and employing 220 individuals, until 2003. In July 2005, Governor Rendell signed a bill that transferred ownership of the 117-acre prison to Basalt Trap Rock Co. for $990,000.