Professional Members: 

Derr, Amber (Chairperson)
8/30/23 - 8/30/26 USQ for Six Months
1st Term

McAndrew, Michael
11/8/21 - 11/8/24 USQ for Six Months
1st Term

Seright, Charles
02/09/22-02/09/25 USQ for Six Months
1st Term

Vacant, Position Open

Vacant, Position Open


Public Members:

Isaias, Ortiz
4/9/24-4/9/27 USQ for Six Months
1st Term​​

Vacant, Position Open

Vacant, Position Open



Gavin, Patrick (Secretary)
Bureau of Consumer Protection

Claggett, Arion R.
Acting Commissioner of the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs


USQ=Until Successor Qualifies

QUORUM REQUIREMENTS - Six members of the board.

6 Barbers 
3 Public Members 
1 Consumer Protection 
1 Commissioner