SCI Camp Hill opened on March 1, 1941, as the Pennsylvania Industrial School at White Hill for Young Offenders. In 1959, the institution was officially renamed the State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill. In 1977, the Department established the facility as the Diagnostic and Classification Center for the Central Region. In 1990, SCI Camp Hill became the sole Diagnostic and Classification Center for all males entering the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

Facility Information

Number of Acres Inside Perimeter: 52.5

Number of Acres Outside Perimeter: 711.7

Number of Operational Structures (inside and outside of perimeter): 44

Number of Housing Units: 20

Special Features: This facility serves as the central diagnostic and classification center for all male inmates entering the state prison system. This facility also has a diversionary treatment unit (DTU), mental health unit (MHU), a residential treatment unit (RTU), Intensive Management Unit (IMU) Management Control Unit (MCU) Youthful Offender Program (YOP) and Special Observation and Assessment Unit (SOAU).

Average Number of Employees: 980

Inmate Information

Inmate PopulationCurrent Inmate Population

Reentry Service Office: In order to ease a reentrant’s transition after release and improve community reintegration, the Reentry Service Offices (RSOs) are designed to provide information and services to inmates who are within 18 months to their minimum and/or release date. Reentry Parole Agents (RPAs) oversee the RSOs and work with other DOC staff members to facilitate various workshops including Life Skills, Budgeting, Digital Literacy — among many others. The RSO utilizes its computer lab to assist reentrants with resume writing, job searches, as well as providing community connections for services they may need upon release.

Community Work Program: The SCI Camp Hill CWP serves the community through landscaping.

Academic Education

  • GED
  • Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma
  • Adult Basic Education
  • Special Education

Vocational Programs

  • HVAC
  • Barber
  • Print Shop
  • Graphic Arts
  • OSHA
  • Flagger
  • Ward Flex

Inmate Programs

  • Money Smart
  • Pathways to Success
  • Act 143 Victim Awareness
  • Impact of Crime
  • Business Education
  • Inside/Out Dads
  • Stress Reduction
  • Anger Management
  • Seeking Safety
  • Coping and Adjustment
  • Certified Peer Specialists
  • SUD Programs
  • Batterer's Group
  • Co-Occurring Outpatient

Facility Address

2500 Lisburn Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011
(717) 737-4531

Facility Mail Address

P.O. Box 8837
2500 Lisburn Road
Camp Hill, PA 17001​

Inmate Mail Address

Smart Communications/PADOC
Inmate Name/Inmate Number
PO Box 33028
St Petersburg, FL 33733


Superintendent: Michael Gourley

Deputy Superintendent for Centralized Services: Vacant

Deputy Superintendent for Facilities Management: William Nicklow

Deputy Superintendent for Diagnostic Center:  Lindsy Kendall

Business Manager: Brad Basehore

Superintendent's Assistant: Tonya Heist