Quehanna Boot Camp

Quehanna Boot Camp

The Quehanna Boot Camp opened in June 1992 as the Department of Corrections' first military-style motivational boot camp. Inmates assigned to the boot camp undergo a rigid six-month disciplinary and training program. In addition to the Boot Camp Program, the facility is the primary facility for the State Drug Treatment Program (SDTP), and it accommodates both male and female inmates.


On December 18, 2019, Act 115 of 2019 became effective.  Act 115 of 2019 is part of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (2).  Act 115 of 2019 (Killion) streamlines the placement of offenders in drug treatment programs and other intermediate punishment programs, and it improves and expedites the parole process for non-violent offenders.  Eligible inmates may be processed into one of three programs: Boot Camp, State Drug Treatment Program (SDTP), or Short Sentence Parole (SSP).  Quehanna is the primary facility, for both men and women, for SDTP and the only facility for the Boot Camp Program. For specific criteria about the programs, please visit our JRI II webpage.

Boot Camp Overview

The Boot Camp Program is a six-month, military-style program with a drug and alcohol treatment component.  It focuses on discipline, cognitive therapy, work ethic and reentry services.  A typical day includes physical training, work or education (if they do not have their high school diploma or GED) and treatment services.  Inmates are referred to as teammates at the Boot Camp.  Teammates are able to earn privileges as they work through the program.  If a teammate successfully completes the program, he/she is granted automatic parole and will continue serving the remainder of their sentence on parole. 

State Drug Treatment Program Overview

This program is designed for inmates with significant drug and alcohol treatment needs.  The program shall consist of:

1. A period in a state correctional institution of not less than seven months. 

2. Not less than four months shall be in an institutional therapeutic community.

3. A period of treatment in a Community-Based Therapeutic Community (CBTC) of at least two months.

4. A period of at least six months' treatment through an outpatient addiction treatment facility, during which time the participant may be housed in a community corrections center, group home, or approved transitional residence. 

5. A period of supervised reintegration into the community for the balance of the program, during which the participant shall continue to be supervised by the Department of Corrections and comply with any conditions imposed by the Department.

6.  Notwithstanding any credit to which the participant may be entitled under 42 Pa.C.S. 9760 (relating to credit for time served), the duration of the SDTP is 24  months, but if the participant is unable to complete the program within 24 months and is otherwise compliant with the program, subject to the discretion of the Department, the program duration may be extended up to 30 months total in order for the participant to successfully complete the program.

Criteria for Programs

  • Sentence length for Boot Camp cannot be over three (3) years on the minimum.  Sentence length for SDTP cannot be over five (5) years on the minimum. 
  • Candidate must be within two (2) years of their minimum to start the program.
  • Certain crimes will restrict eligibility.  Please refer to Act 115 of 2019 for specifics.
  • The court may make a candidate ineligible for each program by stating that in the sentencing order.  If there is no mention, it is presumed they do not have an issue with eligibility.
  • The Department of Corrections will assess each inmate and determine eligibility and appropriateness for each program.


4395 Quehanna Highway
Karthaus, PA 16845


Deputy Superintendent/Commander: Craig Petulla

Corrections Classification Program Manager: Vacant

Major: Scott Carter

Superintendent's Assistant: Melissa Billotte

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