Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Contact an Inmate

The Department of Corrections (DOC) strongly encourages communication between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones.

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The primary ways to keep in touch are through phone calls, email, and mail.

Call an Inmate

To call an inmate, you must create phone accounts through Securus. Some calls through Securus may appear as spam to the person receiving the call. To ensure you don't miss a call from an incarcerated individual, please do one of the following options:

  • Store the phone number in your phone. If the phone number is in the contact list, the call will always come through and not be flagged as spam.
  • Call your cell phone carrier and advise them that the number is an authorized number to call your phone.

Contact Securus

Phone: 800.844.6591

Email an Inmate

The DOC uses email services provided by ViaPath Technologies so emails may be sent to inmates. All emails inmates receive are subject to review for appropriate content. The DOC is not responsible for creating accounts or for troubleshooting any technological issues a user may have with the email system.

ConnectNetwork is the access portal to create an account and to use as the login for your account after it has been created. You can also obtain message credit information at this location.

Individuals with questions about the service should contact ViaPath Technologies Friends and Family Customer Service directly by calling 1.877.650.4249.

Send Mail to an Inmate

In an effort to keep contraband out of our facilities, there are a different mailing addresses that are needed for different items being sent to an inmate. Learn more about how to send letters, photos, books, and more to an inmate by visiting our mail webpage.

Suicide Prevention

If you have any concern that the person you are speaking with is in a mental health crisis or is suicidal, please call the state correctional institution immediately.