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"In general, especially if the business has made a commitment to returning citizens and their training, we found much higher levels of loyalty, lower turnover and greater sense of pride in the success of the business and their own career success." - Jeff Brown, CEO of Brown's Super Stores and a Second-Chance Employer

Employment is a key part of success for reentrants returning to society after incarceration. The DOC prepares inmates to return to the workforce while encouraging employers to give reentrants a second chance.


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Employer Testimony

"Across Lancaster County and the United States, businesses are struggling to hire skilled workers – people trained for jobs in industries like healthcare, technology, and manufacturing and for jobs in the trades like plumbers and electricians. With a tight labor market and low unemployment rate, it is imperative that we do not exclude eligible, qualified candidates from our talent pools. Many individuals in the criminal justice system receive education or vocational training during incarceration and/or work with a job placement organization. As a result, upon reentry, they offer valuable skills and talent to a variety of industry sectors, while rebuilding a solid foundation for themselves." - Lancaster Chamber

"The partnership we have with the PA DOC has been phenomenal! The people at the PA DOC are truly committed to helping the population become successful, productive members of society. At Flagger Force, we are dedicated to providing people with opportunities for careers. The DOC works with us to provide job ready candidates who are excited to have a chance to demonstrate their value. We have been able to hire dozens of employees who have promoted up through our organization thanks to the help of the PA DOC. The people we have hired as part of our Workforce Development Program have been some of our most reliable, dependable and conscientious employees. We are thrilled to partner with the PA DOC and look forward to working with them for many years to come." - Jen Strobel, Vice President of Human Resources, Flagger Force


Employers: Interested in filling your workforce needs? Contact:

Dorenda Hamarlund
Workforce Development Specialist