Department of State Programs

DOS serves more than 3 million Pennsylvanians through programs and services the agency oversees. 

Business & Corporations

Learn about forming and registering your business online, how to complete other types of business filing, and other resources.


Find information about registering your charity in Pennsylvania, professional solicitors and fundraising counsels. 

Voting & Elections

Voting and Elections covers information about running for office, campaign finance and lobbying disclosure, and information about elections in Pennsylvania.

Professional Licensing

Professional licensing offers information on applying for your initial licensure; renewing your license; and the ability to search professional licenses.


Get started becoming a public notary and learning about notaries.

Certifications, Apostilles, and the Authentication of Documents

The Secretary of the Commonwealth provides authentication of Pennsylvania public officials' signatures on documents that will be used outside the United States.

State Athletics

To compete as a boxer, kickboxer or mixed martial artist in Pennsylvania, you must complete an application, undergo proper medical exams, and obtain a license from the State Athletic Commission (SAC).