License renewal cycle and fees:

Licenses expire June 30 of every odd-numbered year.  The board emails renewal notices approximately two months prior to the license expiration date.  Notices are emailed to the most recent email address the licensee has reported to the Board.  The Postal Service does not forward licenses. Paper renewal applications are not available.
The Biennial renewal fee is $100.00.


Reactivation Information

To reactivate a license, you will need to submit that application online on the PALS website ( by logging in with the user ID and password associated with the license you are trying to reactivate.  Go to the Professional License Details section and click on the pencil to the left of your license number.  There will be an option to "Reactivate" to select to begin the application.  You will need to pay the fee by card online.

If you are reactivating a firm license, the Reactivation Application should be submitted on the PALS website just like it would for the individual registered architect license, but if there have been any changes made to the firm, such as to the firm/fictitious name, firm type, or ownership, you would need to print and submit the Firm Amendment Application by mail along with the required attachments listed on pages 4 and 5 of the application packet.