Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Bureau of Reentry Coordination

Preparing inmates for reentry success.

Bureau of Reentry Coordination employees speak to a participant in a reentry simulation

Preparing inmates for a successful return home after incarceration and helping them become law-abiding citizens is an important part of the Department of Corrections' (DOC)  mission. Ninety percent of the DOC's inmates will return home one day, and DOC staff members work to provide inmates with treatment programs to change their criminal behaviors and provide them with job skills in an effort of helping inmates to not commit future crimes.

The Bureau of Reentry Coordination oversees a number of bureaus and offices that help facilities prepare individuals for their return home, including the Division of Treatment Services, educational and vocational training, mental health management, population management and community corrections.  All work is done through local and statewide partnerships while remaining dedicated to victim advocacy.

The Bureau of Reentry Coordination provides a team-focused approach from the time an individual arrives at one of our facilities until they return home and successfully complete supervision. The Divisions of EducationReentry and Treatment Services work together to prepare inmates to integrate back into our communities with resources and skills that are developed based on each individual's need(s). Building relationships with reentrants, providers, volunteers, universities, and addressing healthcare, housing, substance use disorder and mental health are just a few of the facets of the Bureau's focus.