Pennsylvania Licensure Requirements

No Degree Required

No Examination Required

No Experience Requirement

No Continuing Education Required

$65.00 Initial Fee

$113.00 Renewal Fee

Any representative employed by a manufacture or by a branch for the purpose of making or promoting the sale of its vehicle or for supervising or contacting its dealer or prospective dealers.

Degree Requirement: 

No degree requirement for licensure.

Examination Requirement: 

No examination requirement for licensure.

Experience Requirement: 

No experience requirement for licensure.

Continuing Education: 

No continuing education requirements for licensure.

Initial Licensing Fee: 

$65.00 - Effective July 1, 2023 

Licensure Renewal Fee: 

$113.00 - Renewal Fee (June 1, 2023 - May 31, 2025 Biennial Renewal Fee)

Licensure by Act 41:

Act 41 allows for portability of out-of-state professional licensees coming to work in Pennsylvania. Act 41 does this by granting all boards and commissions within the Commonwealth the authority to endorse licensees from other states, territories or jurisdictions (with substantially equivalent licensing requirements) who are active, in good standing and without discipline against their license or criminal conviction.