Licenses expire February 1 of every even-numbered year.  The board emails renewal notices two to three months prior to the license expiration date.  Notices are emailed to the most recent email address the licensee has reported to the Board.  The Postal Service does not forward licenses.

​Funeral Home Branch Office - ​$400.00

​Funeral Corporation - ​$400.00

​Funeral Director - ​$400.00

​Funeral Estate - ​$400.00

​Funeral Professional Corporation - ​$400.00

​Funeral Partnership - ​$400.00

​Funeral Restricted Corporation - ​$400.00

​Funeral Supervisor - ​$400.00

​Funeral Widow - ​$400.00

If your license is expired or inactive, please visit  to reactivate your license.  Upon logging in to PALS, locate the 'Professional License Details' banner.  Your license will be listed under this banner. Click on the green pencil located to the left of your license number.  A pop-up window will appear.  You will then see the word "reactivate"; click on it and follow the directions to reactivate your license.  Payment is by credit or debit card only.  After successful reactivation of your license, it will be mailed to you. If the Funeral Establishment where you will be employed is different than on your license record, please click on the change of address and to update your address. 

Helpful Suggestions on How to Renew your 2022 License (PDF)