Physician Acupuncturist Licensure Requirements Snapshot

Pennsylvania Licensure Requirements

Completion of an Approved Acupuncture Program

1 Examination

200 Hours of Education

3 Hours of Continuing Education

$30.00 Initial Fee

$40.00 Renewal Fee

Degree Requirement:  

Completion of Acupuncture Program 
The State Board will register as an acupuncturist a non-osteopathic if the applicant has successfully completed an acupuncture program which includes a course in needle sterilization techniques. If the acupuncture education program is taken within the United States, the applicant shall complete 2 academic years of acupuncture training and shall complete 2 academic years of a college level educational program.  If the educational program is taken outside of the United States, an applicant shall graduate from a college with a program of study including oriental medicine and document 300 class hours of study in acupuncture training.

Examination Requirement: 

1 Examination
The applicant must obtain a passing grade on an acupuncture examination or has been certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). The NCCAOM must also verify completion of the Clean Needle Technique Course.


200 Hours of Education

An applicant must complete 200 hours of training in acupuncture medical programs including examinations required by those programs.  An Acupuncture medical program is an academic or clinical program of study in acupuncture which has been given category I continuing medical education credit by an institution accredited or recognized by the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education to conduct category I continuing medical education courses.

Continuing Education:

3 Hours (for initial licensure) 

Applicants must complete 3 hours of Board-approved continuing education in child abuse recognition and reporting for initial licensure. 


2 Hours (when renewing license)

2 hours of Board-approved continuing education in child abuse recognition and reporting requirements must be completed for renewal or reactivation of a license.

Initial Licensing Fee: 

Acupuncturist application fee - $30.00

Licensure Renewal Fee: 

Biennial renewal of license.

Licensure By Endorsement/Extraterritorial License & Licensure By Act 41:

The Board will grant a license without restriction to an applicant who does not meet the standard license requirements if the applicant has achieved cumulative qualifications which are endorsed by the Board as being equivalent to the standard requirements for the license. An extraterritorial license authorizes a medical doctor who possesses a license to practice medicine and surgery without restriction or an equivalent license to practice medicine and surgery Pennsylvania.

An extraterritorial license will be issued under the following circumstances: (1) The applicant shall possess a license to practice medicinea nd surgery without restriction or an equivalent license in a state adjoining this Commonwealth. (2) Reside in or maintain an office of practice in the adjoining state near its boundary line with this Commonwealth and desire to extend that practice into this Commonwealth. (3) Submit evidence with the application that the applicant is in compliance with professional liability insurance responsibilities imposed by the MCARE Act. (4) Arrange for the licensing authority of the adjoining state to file a certification with the Board, issued by that licensinga uthority, attesting to the fact that the applicant is licensed in that state..

Act 41 allows for portability of out-of-state professional licensees coming to work in Pennsylvania. Act 41 does this by granting all boards and commissions within the Commonwealth the authority to endorse licensees from other states, territories or jurisdictions (with substantially equivalent licensing requirements) who are active, in good standing and without discipline against their license or criminal conviction.