Professional Health Monitoring Programs

The Professional Health Monitoring Programs (PHMP) of the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA) provides a method by which professionals suffering from a mental or physical disorder, such as a substance use disorder, may be directed to appropriate treatment and receive monitoring to ensure that they can safely practice their licensed profession. 

Voluntary Recovery Program (VRP)

The Professional Health Monitoring Programs (PHMP) administers the Voluntary Recovery Program (VRP) in order to fulfill the requirements of all professional practice acts containing sections addressing the management of professionals suffering from mental or physical disorders.

Disciplinary Monitoring Unit (DMU)

The Disciplinary Monitoring Unit (DMU) was created to respond to the needs of licensees who have had formal disciplinary action by the Bureau’s licensing boards.

Forms and Documents

Find forms and documents related to the monitoring program. 

How to Report a Licensee

To report a health care licensee suspected of having a mental or physical disorder, or a licensee involved in the diversion of controlled substances, individuals or facilities may choose from one of the following reporting options:

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