What People Are Saying About the Shapiro Administration’s Redesign of Mail Ballot Materials to Help Ensure Every Legal Vote Can Be Counted 

Harrisburg, PA – Yesterday, Secretary of the Commonwealth Al Schmidt introduced redesigned mail ballot materials that will be rolled out in 2024, with the goal of decreasing voter confusion that can lead to completed ballots being rejected. 

With these updated mail ballot materials, Department of State is instituting more uniformity across Pennsylvania’s 67 counties and working to reduce voter errors and confusion. The Shapiro Administration is making the voting by mail processes clearer and easier for Pennsylvanians to understand, and the redesigned envelopes and instruction sheets have revised language to better inform voters about how to properly fill out and return their mail-in ballots.  
See what people are saying about the Shapiro Administration’s work to make voting by mail clearer and more efficient to ensure every legal vote can be counted in Pennsylvania:  
Sen. Jay Costa: “Today marks a victory for PA’s voters: The Department of State announced updated mail-in ballot materials to reduce confusion and ensure every vote counts. I look forward to seeing these redesigned mail-in ballots in action as we fight for the voices of every Pennsylvanian.”
Common Cause PA: “Great news for PA voters! We applaud the Department of State & @Commish_Schmidt’s work to make every vote count. By providing clearer instructions for voters and improving voting material design, fewer voters will have their ballots discarded for making a minor technical error.”
League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania: “The League applauds the redesigned ballots from PA Department of State, which give clearer instructions and reduce barriers to voting for all Pennsylvanians.”
Seth Bluestein, Philadelphia City Commissioner:We’re proud to have worked with the @PAStateDept to help redesign the mail ballot envelopes to decrease the number of rejected mail ballots, and ensure every legal vote is counted.”
Thad Hall, Election Director for Mercer County: “The final product does reflect a lot of concerns election directors have to make sure people don’t make mistakes.”
Denise Williams, Luzerne County Election Board Chairwoman: I think the changes being implemented are really needed.”
Sam Oliker-Friedland, President of Institute for Responsive Government Action: “When it comes to the administration of elections, details matter for voters who are seeking to make sure their voice is heard. Governor Shapiro’s leadership in making sure vote by mail materials are designed to be accessible and clear to all eligible voters while improving ballot integrity is a model for the country in what government can do to strengthen our election systems.”
Salewa Ogunmefun, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Voice:"We applaud Governor Shapiro and his team at the Department of State for making this commonsense change that will help ensure that everyone's vote is counted." 
See what Pennsylvanians are reading about the Shapiro Administration's commitment to ensure every legal vote is counted:   

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